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ReliefHeat is a wearable, app-controlled heating solution for low-back pain:

  • Great while stretching

  • Take it anywhere

  • Post-workout relief

  • Relieve muscle tension

Great while stretching

Take it anywhere

Post-workout relief

Relieve muscle tension

The best heating solution for low-back pain

Heats within seconds. No heating solution is more responsive.


A compact & powerful heating solution that can be used anywhere.


We are the gold standard in providing heat therapy, a trusted pain reliever for centuries.


People Love ReliefHeat

Not only does ReliefHeat help with pain throughout the day, but it seems as though I'm sleeping better due to a lack of pain even when I'm not wearing it. Bravo!

Rita, 31 years

This thing is heaven when I wake up.  What a treat.  ReliefHeat helps get my body moving and reduces my time to get ready from an hour to 20 minutes.

Eric, 63 years

I've grown to love this thing!  Haven't gone a single night without using it.

Josh, 24 years

Used the device for about a half hour after running, when my back pain usually shows up. So far so good, it was a nice relief.

Sara G.

Love the comfort that my ReliefHeat provides. When I have time I make it part of my morning routine enjoying coffee and some soothing heat on my lower back while catching up on my morning news. 

Aimee, 42 years

I’ve been in a convention sitting for 3 days in some very uncomfortable chairs.  I don’t think I would’ve been able to make it without ReliefHeat. It has helped me every night to put it on for 15-20 minutes. Thank you!

Juan A.

Why is heat a powerful tool for pain relief?

Our Story

Back pain is the worst. We know, because we have been fighting it for what feels like forever.  We are a group of experienced product designers and engineers who finally got fed up with the lack of portable heating solutions for pain relief and decided to do something about it. The result was ReliefHeat: the world’s easiest, most convenient, and most effective heating solution for low back pain. Whether you’re at a desk, at the gym, or anything in between, we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do.